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Lark open meeting at Barnt Green Sailing Club

Dan Watson - 23rd June 2021

All photos (c) Matthew Brown, www.matthewbrown-photography.com

An excellent day of racing saw an impressive twelve Larks take to the water for the 2021 Lark open at Barnt Green SC and it was smiles all round!

With the wind up and down, (and round and round) race 1 saw the fleet eager to get racing with Samuel Bailey & Finlay Morgan, Tony Hotchkiss & Kimmy Dooner, and Stuart & Julia Allen having a good tussle at the front. The race saw a few position changes between Samuel & Finn and Stuart & Julia, both fighting it out for first place. Tony & Kimmy finished sixth, Kelsea Suggitt & Sarah Norbury snuck into third, leaving Stuart & Julia second and Samuel and Finn to take the win.

Race 2 saw conditions improve slightly but the direction of the wind remained just as shifty! Third went to Stuart & Julia, second was Kelsea & Sarah, and first Samuel & Finn.

Race 3 saw things get interesting. With nobody making an obvious lead to the windward mark, anyone at the front was only due to be swallowed up by the fleet after a gust came from behind! However, Kelsea & Sarah managed to squeeze through and take the lead with Samuel & Finn, and Mat Sherlock, hot on their heels.

Mark 2 saw the leaders pop their kites only to stop halfway down the run from no wind! Again, a gust from behind saw the fleet catch up. Huge grins were met as Tony & Kimmy rushed into first place leaving a battle up the last beat between Kelsea and Tony for first place! Kelsea & Sarah just piped Tony & Kimmy on the finish line to claim first place.

Race 4 saw Kelsea & Sarah needing to stay in front of Samuel & Finn for first place overall but they couldn't quite chase them down this time! Samuel & Finn took the win with Kelsea & Sarah in second and Tony & Kimmy in third.

Yet more fun was had at the prize-giving when 16-year old Finn was presented with a dilemma of huge proportions: "Do I take the Scotch Whiskey or White Rum?!" (In answer to everyone's concern, yes we do - now - like both of them!)

On behalf of the Lark Class, thank you to Barnt Green SC for a great day's racing. On to Banbury SC for the next instalment on the 26th June!

Overall results:

1st - Samuel Bailey & Finlay Morgan
2nd - Kelsea Suggitt & Sarah Norbury
3rd - Stuart & Julia Allen
4th - Tony Hotchkiss & Kimmy Dooner