South Staffs Training and Open Meeting Details

Steve Cumley - 16th March 2005

South Staffs Training and Open Meeting
Sponsored by Berkeley & Co Ltd.

Training - 19th March
Open Meeting - 20th March

Its time to melt the ice off your boat covers and get back out on the water for the first open meeting of the year.

There is training on Saturday open to anyone - the day will be tailored around the needs of those who turn up. All to be rigged ready by 10.30. The training will run through the morning then there are 2 races with a debrief afterwards. BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH (or there is a MacDonalds down the road!).

Saturday night will see beer, skittles, curry and music. There are b+b's locally or camping if you are very brave. You may even find some friendly club members to put you up!

On Sunday there are 3 races with 2 to count, 1st Race 11.00 start. Free tea included on Sunday after racing.

The whole weekend will cost 10.00 (Sunday only 7.50.).