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South Staffs GJW Direct Belle Isle - Report

Stuart Hydon - 19th March 2014

Part two of the Midlands “double header” ……… South Staffs 16 March 2014
The wind was much the same as the previous day, but certainly even sunnier. The drama of the day started well before the start of the racing with carnage on the A5 which delayed a couple of competitors until race 2. Having said that there was a respectable entry of 20 Boats.
Race one began rather the same as the previous day with Steve Cumley / Lucy Evans establishing a marginal lead ahead of Stuart Hydon and Rich Pepperdine. Towards the closing stages of the race Hydon/Pepperdine slipped past Cumley/Evans. Sam Watson and Andrew Hunter took third.
Race 2 started with the arrival the late comers together with Mike Senior who had completed a half marathon in the morning! Chris White/Chris Warburton led the race ahead of Ed Bradburn/Lucy Evans and Will Croxford/Heather Norris. The domination of the South Staffs had started, however, with the tight racing came infringements and it wasn’t long before Chris White was doing turns. This allowed Hydon/Pepperdine and Mike Senior/Nic Booth to push forward. Bradburn/Evans held the lead ahead of Hydon/Pepperdine who narrowly beat Senior/Booth.
The final race was underway with Pete Gray /Rachel Rhodes leading from start to finish. Jonathan Woodward/Karen Alexander were second, but disappear down the fleet after a catalogue of incidents! This allowed Watson/ Hunter through followed by Hydon/Pepperdine. White/Warburton managed a left hand flyer that gave them third over the line ahead of Hydon/Pepperdine.
Thanks to South Staffs for putting a great event.
1st Stuart Hydon and Rich Pepperdine – Shustoke/Staunton Harold SC
2nd Ed Badburn and Lucy Evans – South Staffs SC
3rd Sam Watson and Andrew Hunter – South Staffs SC
4th Pete Gray and Rachel Rhodes – Staunton Harold SC
5th Steve Cumley and Lucy Evans – Bartley SC