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Shustoke/South Staffs Opens: 24th/25th March

Daniel Watson - 02nd April 2012

Firstly, just to clarify – contrary to recent history – the Shustoke/South Staffs double header weekend is to be sailed the ‘wrong’ way round – Shustoke on Saturday, South Staffs on Sunday.

Shustoke Sailing Club will welcome us on Saturday morning, and will kick of proceedings with a briefing at 10:30. Three races are planned, with the first race due to start at 11:00. Lunch will be available at the club between races

Following a quick trip up the M6 toll, (or the slightly more convoluted; A446, A38, A5 for the poorer, or tighter, amongst us…), South Staffs will host their open meeting on the Sunday.

For those wishing to drop off their boats before heading out for a beer, the club will be open in the evening. Camping in the club grounds is also available, if you’re feeling hardy.

South Staffs have devised a spookily similar programme of racing; with briefing at 10:30, first race at 11:00, and three races planned in all. Again, lunch will be available in the club between races but, just to trump Shustoke, free soft drinks will also be on offer.

Apparently, whilst those of us in the South East are suffering a drought, it appears the brummies are hogging all the water – with both Shustoke and South Staffs ‘brimming’. And who says the glass (or, reservoir in this case) is only ever half empty in the midlands.

Hope to see you all there for what should be a cracking opener to the 2012 season. Bring it on!