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Larks at 2012 Bloody Mary

Daniel Watson - 02nd February 2012

For the first time in years we had above zero temperatures and blue skies. The racing was proficiently handled by the race committee which ensured that all fleets were set off on time. The 5 larks shared their start with the 420's and they seemed to pop up all through the race proving extremely difficult to shake off in order to get valuable free air. At the start there was a lot of positioning for the right hand side of the line. Steve and Si conceded to Charlie Roome and David Marlow forcing the Hydons to tack off. This worked well for the Hydons as they stole pole positon. Luidi Gartner and Nick Harmen sailing 1501 started further down the line but were unable to match the pace of the other four larks.

Early on Chris Whitehouse and Ellie Bremmer decided to bang the left hand side, it was looking good for a while but the Hydon's managed to round first, Roome second with Hall and Whitehouse close behind. The second leg was too tight for kites but when bearing round on to the third leg kites were hoisted. With the stiff 4/5 winds the boats took off which was interrupted with a luffing match initially with Hall and Roome which then saw Roome luff Whitehouse. As the boats rounded the fourth leg Hydon and Hall had pulled away. Hall managed to squeeze through at the windward mark by tacking just in front of starboard approaching Tom Stewart in his National with the Hydons just behind. The race continued with Hall leading and with Roome and Whitehouse regularly shuffling places. Hall managed to extend his lead although never managed to repeat the performance of last year by cracking into the the top 20. The Hydons trailed in second place followed by Roome then Whitehouse and finally Gartner.

Lark Results:
1st 2530 Steve Hall/Simon Haighton (32nd Overall)
2nd 2528 Stuart Hydon/Nick Hydon (61st)
3rd 2519 Charlie Roome/David Marlow (71st)
4th 2411 Chris Whitehouse/Ellie Bremmer (77th)
5th 1501 Luidi Gartner/Nick Harmen (248th)