Weymouth Bronze Fleet Report

Stuart Allen - 04th July 2006

The 1st of July will be remembered by many as the day England were ‘kicked’ out of the World Cup. Chin up and on with the sailing report.

The day dawned hot and hazy with little chance of the sea breeze coming in. This meant that race one and two were held in low wind with a bit of an ugly chop. Race one got underway after a general recall with Katharine Sampson & Alison Dart showing most of the Gold fleet the way up the first beat. The remainder of the Bronze fleet were still deciding whether the correct way to go was left or right. Richard Adams & Katie Linnaker had a bad first beat but learnt from their errors and went right up the following beats, this paid off as they soon overtook Stuart & Julia Allen and overhauled Katharine & Ally to pip them to the post.

Race two got underway cleanly with a breeze that strengthened very slightly. Katharine & Ally again showed some great boat speed and took Bronze Fleet line honours. The rest of the Bronze Fleet battled it out further down the race course with Stuart & Julia overtaking Lee Nankervis & Jane Alexander and Robert & Ruth Marlow on one reach only to be over taken by Rob & Ruth on the next beat. Richard & Katie showed good all round speed and were never caught by the chasing pack, whilst John Crooks & Helen Winward went right and were passed by Stuart & Julia.

The wind was blowing at about 10-12 knots when we awoke from our slumber on Sunday morning, however, by the time we had made it back to town the wind had died completely and the racing was postponed for an hour and a half. When we got into the bay the wind was settling down and race three got underway. The wind died as the leaders got to the windward mark which turned the race into a lottery. Stuart & Jules and Katharine & Ally headed for the breeze off to the right, but lost out to Rob & Ruth and Richard & Katie who headed left and picked up a bit of breeze first and made good speed for the line.

All in all a weekend of ups and downs. Thanks to Weymouth SC for excellent race management and to Gill for sponsoring the event.

1st Richard Adams & Katie Linnaker
2nd Katharine Sampson & Alison Dart
3rd Robert & Ruth Marlow