Larks at South Staffordshire SC

Simon Cox - 22nd March 2004

Speed Sails sponsored the first open meeting of the lark circuit this year on Sunday 21 March - a very blustery day with fierce shifts and gusts. The previous day's sailing at Shropshire SC had been cancelled as gales blew blew trees over in the car park and blew huge swirls of spray out of the lake.

Richard and Jenny Bennett led the way in the first race, but Dougal Scott and Ruth Johnson squeezed through on the second beat. With Scott/Johnson pulling out into a strong lead and the Bennetts retiring due to gear failure, John Billington and Sue Mellor finished second with Matt Sherlock in third.

Scott/Johnson led off the line in the second race, rounding the first mark first and pulling away on the off-wind leg. Steve Cumley and Eluned Jones, in second early on, dropped back when their kite ripped into two. This let Bob and Gemma Suggitt through to seond, chased by Billington/Mellor

Helen Scott and Paul Noble led at the first mark in the final race, but dropped back after a swim. Eventually it was Cumley/Jones who won the race in a huge squall, with Billington/Mellor second and the Suggitts third.

With two wins Scott/Johnson took the meeting, with Billington/Mellor second and the Suggitts in third.

Overall results
1st Dougal Scott and Ruth Johnson - 2 points
2nd John Billington and Sue Mellor - 4 points
3rd Bob and Gemma Suggitt - 5 points
4th Steve Cumley and Eluned Jones - 6 points
5th Dave and Nick Marlow - 8 points
6th Richard and Jenny Bennett - 9 points

Full results to follow.