Weymouth Open Meeting Report

Simon Cox - 11th July 2005

Summer sun and fickle breezes beset 31 Larks at Weymouth on 9th/10th

July. Two races were held on Saturday in barely enough breeze to get downwind. The start line of the first race had a strong port bias at start time. The boats that tacked off onto port and went right found the wind and a useful a shift that saw them sitting upwind of the becalmed boats that had continued on starboard. Despite carrying in excess of 24 stone, Dave Young and Lee Nankervis won from Stuart Hydon and Hannah Showell. Young/Nankervis also lead the second race until Sarah Richards and Nigel Wakefield sneaked past on the final run. Simon Cox and Anna Hotchkiss finished third.

The forecast for Sunday was a Force 3 gradient breeze, soon to be cancelled out by the thermal sea breeze, unfortunately the weather forecasters were correct! The third race started in hiking conditions but degenerated to another drifter. Jon Lewis and Milly Parsons showed a clean pair of heels to the first mark, but were rolled by Richards/Wakefield on the reaches. Dougal Scott and Katharine Sampson sailed through to third, just ahead of the consistent Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young, who were now the only boat with three top four results.

The fleet had lunch whilst the sea breeze established itself. Chris Fish and Beth Condie lead the fourth race but were gradually ground down by the top three boats from last year's nationals. They finished behind Nigel Hufton/Chris Whitehouse, Richards/Wakefield and Emma Harris/Becky Priest. Lewis/Parsons found form for the fifth race and won from chairman Steve Cumley and Eluned Jones.

Thanks and appreciation from the Lark class to Weymouth S.C. for running five excellent races in testing conditions.

1st 2288 Sarah Richards & Nigel Wakefield, Newport 8pts
2nd 2469 Chris Ellis & Kathryn Young, Frensham Pond 16pts
3rd 2470 Nigel Hufton & Chris Whitehouse, Frensham Pond 19pts
4th 2481 Dave Young & Lee Nankervis, Penzance 20pts
5th 2496 Steve Cumley & Eluned Jones, Northampton 20pts
6th 2356 Jonathon Lewis & Milly Parsons, Burghfield 25pts