Coast Graphic Lark Nationals Plymouth - Day 3

David Marlow - 04th June 2012

The race programme was bought forward to make the best of the northerly wind before the sea breeze neutralised it. But as with all good plans the sea breeze came in early too. After an hours drift the ribs towed all competitors back in. By the time shore was reached the sea breeze was providing better than expected conditions so it was out again for 2 races in Plymouth Sound.

Race 6 started with Peter Gray and Rachel Rhodes as gate boat so they hit the right hand side hard. Also starting late was Harry Pynn and Tim Linsell. Pynn led around the first mark and opened up a good lead by the second beat. Gary/Rhodes had a comfortable second, with Ross Kearny/
Jane Alexander battling it out for third with Stuart and Nick Hydon and Dave Young/Holly Scott. Eventually the Hydons pulled through after Kearny went too far left on the second beat. A mistake on the final beat by Gray allowed the Hydons to sneak into second. The race finished with Pynn/Linsell taking the win, Stuart and Nick second and Gray/ Rhodes third.

Race 7 was again a gate start with Fiona Gray / Aaron Woolf as pathfinder. Again right paid although Pynn/Linsell and Hall/Haighton chanced an early start. By the end of the beat those that went left had gained handsomely. Round the first mark and in the lead was Steve Dunn and Toby Lewis (veteran Lark sailors). Second saw Steve and Chris Videlo. By the leeward mark Adrian Padro and Hannah Hydon had slipped through into third, although after hitting the mark they relinquished their position to Ross Kearny and Jane Alexander. Dunn/ Lewis held their lead to the finish with Videlo’s second. Kearny held onto his third position with conservative tacktics.

As we go into the final day and the final two races, there is still all to play for especially as Pynn/Linsell had a poor second race, Hall/Haighton failed to show today and Stewart/Hartley did not manage to maintain their previous form, but still grasping two top ten placings today.

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