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Allen 2011 Nationals - Trophy Winners!

David Marlow - 02nd February 2012

Further to the overall nationals report released earlier in the week, below is a full list of all of the winners throughout the fleet. Congratulations to everybody!

Best Club (4 or more boats) - Waldringfield (1st, 5th, 7th and 13th)
Highest placed married couple - Chris and Ann Biglin (20th)
Best Improver - Chris Holliman and Kate Hutchins (44th in 2010 - 18th in 2011)
Helm/Crew/Boat combination with greatest age - Joanna Crabtree and Clare Wright (41st)
Highest placed old boat - Jane Alexandar and Rachel Rhodes (17th)
Fidelas Trophy (not sure of criteria!) - Chris Whitehouse and Sophie Mackley (11th)
Student/Youth Winners - Henry Mills and Emma Knott (13th)
Heavyweights (23+ stone) - Will Croxford and Chris Warburton (9th)
First Female Helm - Emma Harris (with Ellie Bremmer) (5th)
Highest 1st Nationals - Charlie Roome and David Marlow (4th)
Helm over35 - Stuart Hydon (with Nick Hydon) (3rd)
Buddy team winners - Team 9 (Jon White/Rob Woodword and Nick and Jo Marlow)

Bronze 1st Stuart and Charlotte Norris (27th)
2nd John Crooks and Laura Mitchell (28th)
3rd Sam Blocksidge and Adrian Walker (29th)
4th Seonaid Fleming and Karen Jewkes (30th)
5th Rob and Ruth Marlow (32nd)

Silver 1st Will Croxford and Chris Warburton (9th)
2nd Henry Mills and Emma Knott (13th)
3rd Jon White and Rob Woodward (14th)
4th Chris White and Lucy Evans (15th)
5th Nick and Jo Marlow (16th)

Top ten! 1st Alan Krailing/Tim Linsell
2nd Steve Hall/Simon Haighton
3rd Stuart and Nick Hydon
4th Charlie Roome/David Marlow
5th Emma Harris/Ellie Bremmer
6th Ross Kearny/Ally Dart
7th Harry Pynn/Adam Owens
8th Pete Gray/Simon Forbes
9th Will Croxford/Chris Warburton
10th Richard Bennett/Nicola Booth

The overall report can still be found here!