Allen Lark National Champs - Day 6

David Marlow - 02nd February 2012

Krailing/Linsell had already won the championships having sailed a very consistent week. The Hydons and Hall/Haighton were battling it out for 2nd place and it was all to play for in the top 10!

The race was postponed until 12noon to allow those of the fleet with Friday-Friday lets to pack up their cars ready for the long drive home after sailing. The forecast was true to form and the breeze was steadily building. By the time to gun went, it was blowing 20 knots and the waves had built to make things quite exciting!

Krailing/Linsell and Hall/Haighton got good starts, whilst Roome/Marlow were buried at the starboard end and had to tack off for clear air. The Hydons were back in the pack as Hall/Haighton forced them to start in dirty air. Port tack was looking favourable, so Krailing/Linsell and Roome/Marlow trucked off to the right hand side leaving Hall/Haighton sailing fast on the left. Krailing/Linsell tacked back in early as the breese started to shift to the right, whilst Roome/Marlow opted to bang the corner. At the windward mark Krailing/Linsell rounded first with Roome/Marlow in second and Hall/Haighton hot on their heels.

There was no change down the reaches, which were fast and furious in the building breese and waves. No one went for their kites. Hall/Haighton hoisted after the gybe, but dropped back a bit struggling with the angle.

The next beat was processional due to a wind bend and tidal effects forcing the fleet to bang the right hand corner. However, Roome/Marlow found some speed and closed the gap on Krailing/Linsell to round the windward mark right on their transom. Hall/Haighton were still 5 lengths back.

It was neck and neck down the run, with Krailing/Linsell winning out at the bottom.

On the penultimate beat, Krailing/Linsell tacked across from the right early. This proved to be their downfall as Roome/Marlow and Hall/Haighton hit hard right to sail through into first and second, which they held to the finish.

The Class would like to extend a big thank you to South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club for running a fantastic championships! We would also like to thank our sponsers Allen for their generosity and support. Without South Caernarvonshire YC and Allen, the event would not have been as great as it was. Thank you!

The top ten were ordered as follows:

1st Alan Krailing/Tim Linsell
2nd Steve Hall/Simon Haighton
3rd Stuart and Nick Hydon
4th Charlie Roome/David Marlow
5th Emma Harris/Ellie Bremmer
6th Ross Kearny/Ally Dart
7th Harry Pynn/Adam Owens
8th Pete Gray/Simon Forbes
9th Will Croxford/Chris Warburton
10th Richard Bennett/Nicola Booth

Final results