Belle Isle update

Steve Cumley - 12th October 2005

With one event to go there is still all to play for in terms of your end of year Belle Isle ranking. The results on the website now include the penultimate event at Plymouth and with 31 boats already qualified and a further 6 boats just requiring 1 event, this year is proving to be the most hotly contested year since the boom in the early nineties.

At the top of the ladder Cumley and Jones have all but wrapped it up. Jonathan Lewis and Milly parsons could mathematically still catch them, however they would need to win Shustoke with Cumley in third or worse, and there would need to be at least 31 entries to score the necessary 0.6 points. Lewis and Parsons need to be careful though, because if they have an off day and donít make the top 5 and Nigel Hufton, Emma Harris or Sarah Richards win they would lose second overall.

Further down the ladder there is hot competition for a top 10 place overall. Stuart Hydon, Dougal Scott, Dan Smith, MJ Gifford, Steve Chatten and Ruth Johnson could all still squeeze a coveted top 10 spot if they pull out a good result at shustoke. Similarly Mark Ampleford, Simon Cox, Chris Fish and Harry Pynn could all drop outside of the top 10.

The real competition to keep an eye on though is the Silver fleet. This has been close all season with Dan Smith/Nikki Attwood doing just enough to just keep their noses in front all summer. Dan is going into Shustoke with an 8 point lead, however MJ has got a very good opportunity to steal it at the final hurdle because Danís worst counting result is an 11th where as MJ is still counting a 17th. This means that assuming Dan improves on his 11th MJ will only need to finish 2 places ahead of him to take the huge Jackson 5 Trophy. Donít discount Steve Chatten either though. Steve had the afterburners out at Plymouth scoring a second and third in individual races and a 4th overall has kept him in the running for the silver fleet. Steveís worst counting result is a 16th which means he would need to score a 4th or better and hope Dan doesnít come in the top 10 and MJ isnít in the top 16.

Shustoke is bound to be well attended because it's midlands location make it convenient for many. The open meeting will be a one day event on Sunday 6 Nov with training on Saturday 5 Nov. Chris Biglin is the contact for the event, however Jon Lewis our new training representative will be organising the coaching. More details will be appearing on the website soon, although if you need more info you could always ask Ruth via the discussion forum Ė sorry Ruth I couldnít resist!