Register Interest for 2012 Coast Graphics Lark National Championships

Are you interested in taking part in the 2012 Coast Graphics Lark National Championships but don't have a helm, crew or boat?
Don't let any of that put you off...
If you are interested in competing at 2012 Lark Nationals but don't own your own boat, why not firstly try contacting someone at your club who owns a Lark. If they are not coming along they might be happy to lend. The fantastic thing about the Lark, is that they stay relatively competitive despite age and with the Gold, Silver and bronze prize fleets, there is always someone else to compete against on the race track. You don't have to have the latest Lark to have a superb event.
Alternatively use the form below and we will help sort you out. Whilst we can't promise to find you a boat for the event we will do our utmost to quickly match boats and crews together. Please fill out the form below letting us know as much detail as possible. The information will then be forwarded around the class association who will endeavour to sort you out.

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