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Pevensey Results
Date Posted: 14 Jun 04 10:17
Results of the weekend for those that made a quick exit for the footie (and wish they hadn't). See you all at Felixstowe.

1,Harry Pynn,Ross Power,1,3,1,1,4,6
2,Sarah Richards,Nigel Wakefield,3,1,3,3,1,8
3,Mark Ampleford,Lee Nanlervis,9,5,9,2,2,18
4,Matthew White,Clare La'Forge,4,2,10,9,3,18
5,Steve Dunn,Tegwyn Roberts,7,4,2,8,11,21
6,Dougal Scott,Helen Scott,2,DNF,12,4,6,24
7,Richard Bennett,Jenny Bennett,5,7,7,5,7,24
8,Frances Gifford,M.J.Gifford,8,6,4,7,8,25
9,Glenn Enkel,Marion Enkel,6,8,11,6,5,25
10,Kate Reiss,Pauline Baker,11,10,5,13,10,36
11,Richard Adams,Katie Linaker,13,11,6,12,9,38
12,Dan Smith,Amy Richardson,12,12,8,10,DNS,42
13,Steve Chatten,Caz Pengelly,14,9,13,11,DNS,47
14,John Crooks,Kate Awmack,16,13,14,14,12,53
15,Simon Cox,Neil Mackrell,10,DNF,DNF,DNS,DNS,61
16,Andrew Cox,Vicky Wanstall,15,14,15,DNF,DNS,61
Author: Nigel Wakefield

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