Buying a Lark


Posted: 10 Jun 04 09:25
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A friend of mine is in the process of buying a Lark, just wondered if anyone knew anything about 2365?

Mark Ampleford

Posted: 10 Jun 04 09:37
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Nice neat Frensham boat. Well fitted out. Sails are a little tired I think.


Posted: 10 Jun 04 12:12
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This is a good boat it might need a small amount of TLC but not much more. As I recall Alex had some newish sails on the boat for the 2002 Nationals?

Nigel Scott

Posted: 10 Jun 04 12:31
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Good fast boat, well looked after.

Please let us know who buys it as we don't like good boats disappearing.




Posted: 10 Jun 04 05:44
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Thanks for the info guys. 2365 had been sold already...don't know to whom.

Will Gulliver wants to get into Larks and is looking at another couple of boats next week, including 2305.

A few questions:

1. What is the difference between a Parker 1 and 2
2. When did the Parker 2's start?
3. Does anyone know of a boat for sale?

We are looking at racing it at Northampton and on the circuit.


Steve Cumley

Posted: 10 Jun 04 07:53
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Following some e-mail correspondence today (with the owner) I can confirm that 2029 was the first mark 2 and 2030 was the last mark 1 (registered in the wrong order).

I am sure that others can add to this, however apart from the obvious deck changes the principle difference between the mark 1's and mark 2's is that the 2's are stiffer.

Steve Cumley

jonathan Lewis

Posted: 11 Jun 04 09:51
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I looked at 2305, needs a lot of work!!

That'll be Will on a major diet then!!!


Posted: 14 Jun 04 07:53
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2305 has gone back to South Staffs this weekend - where it started off.... Guy called Martin Evans has bought it

Nigel S

Posted: 21 Jun 04 10:14
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In my efforts to chase entries for the Nationals I might have found you a few options on boats that might be for sale.

Give me a call and I'll fill you in.

Nigel Scott
01249 750540