Draycote - camera....


Posted: 07 Jun 04 06:07
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Does anyone know what happened to the disposable camera that was around on Saturday night. I have asked the club and looked everywhere to no avail, so am assuming one of you lot has it.......???


Posted: 08 Jun 04 08:22
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...and Ann lost one of her new gloves, Gill ladies small with black patches on.


Posted: 08 Jun 04 04:34
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The glove was used by the criminal who pinched the camera to avoid finger prints being left. Very cunning. This fiend must be caught!


Posted: 09 Jun 04 11:08
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The most likely suspect would be the persons on the most embarrassing photos, and a girl to fit the glove.

So which girls fit this category? (and for maximum gossip value you could also tell us why)


Posted: 09 Jun 04 03:49
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I left my shower gel there too- did the suspect make a clean getaway?


Posted: 09 Jun 04 06:09
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One member of the fleet with a history of lavatorial problems did of course set off the burglar alarm while breaking in to the club toilet on Saturday night... more on the first night of nationals.


Posted: 10 Jun 04 11:37
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Does this mean that Simon won't be getting the first Duckhams for his upside-down spinnaker?


Posted: 10 Jun 04 12:14
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It wasn't me that rigged it!!! The crew should take full responsibility for anything forward of the thwart.


Posted: 10 Jun 04 10:22
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So what's Simon's saying is that us crews are really b****y important seeing as most of the controls on the boat are forward of the thwart. I can only count the tiller, mainsheet and spinnaker halyard aft of the thwart...... We even get the burgee and the compass!!
Roll on the crews' union!!


Posted: 11 Jun 04 12:03
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Couldn't agree more Becky.

Isn't it amazing how some of these postings go off at a tangent!!!


Posted: 11 Jun 04 11:03
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If I remember my racing rules correctly, and assuming that the helm is in charge of the ship (being either the owner or nominated by the owner), the helm is responsible for the crew.

So that would be you then Simon!

Irresponsible crew

Posted: 13 Jun 04 07:55
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Even in the crew's race!!!?????

Crews Union

Posted: 15 Jun 04 07:58
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We would just like to point out that despite the racing rules, the crews are always in charge - we just like to let the helms think they are.....