Wot No Torbay Race Report?

William Hill Bookmakers

Posted: 27 May 04 10:10
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Wot No Torbay Race Report?

So........ Who won? Second, etc. etc.

How was the going? Soft, Firm etc.?

Need the inside line to set the odd's for the Nationals!

Steve Cumley

Posted: 27 May 04 12:13
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The going was hot, soft and sloppy.

The usual horses were well placed proving the speed seen on the flat can be trasferred to the fences. Harris had early speed but confusion over the finish in race 1 meant a lost opportunity. Larke and Krailing were consistently fast ending up 1 and 2 overall and Mr Hufton came to the fore to show that he can't be counted out with a 3rd overall (I think). Dunn couldn't get out of the blocks in one race (because they wouldn't open) and then jumped out too soon in another so he was relegated to 5th.

A couple of stewards enquiries, or rather enquiries about stewards and plenty of duckhams nominations (Simons Saddle rigged incorrectly, Steve Dunn knocking his horse over whilst trying to mount it) leads me to think this might be a tough nationals to win duckhams.

Bring on the Nationals!!!!


Posted: 27 May 04 05:28
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Complete bedlam - evens

Posted: 28 May 04 03:51
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I suspect the torbay race officer would have more success a the gate starts if he got in the gate boat himself rather than relying on someone else to get it right.

Posted: 29 May 04 05:04
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he was in the gate boat