Nationals 2005


Posted: 24 May 04 02:29
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Does anyone know where the 2005 nationals are?
I want to buy a compound on the quay for my shore team and private launching, its all the rage apparantly in Valencia!!

Posted: 24 May 04 03:28
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Yes mate, Valencia.

Who said Larks were an economical class?


Posted: 25 May 04 11:47
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I'd like to know where nextyears nationals are as well actually!


Posted: 25 May 04 12:20
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I would recommend Deauville. Loads of breeze (dragon got planing so must have been windy), blue skies, golden beaches, great food, good race officer, friendly club and pretty French girls (or so I was told, I didn't notice them). Sounds like it was better on the south side of the channel last weekend.

Nigel Scott

Posted: 25 May 04 12:14
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I am currently in the process of booking the 2005 Nationals. The options are:

St Mawes

Penzance is booked for 2006, so I will be booking 2005 and 2007-2010. Also on the list to go back to are Looe and Exmouth.

I will let everyone know as soon as we have a confirmed venue and week.


Posted: 25 May 04 04:46
Reply ID: 221 what about Valencia?? (I don't want my launching plot to go to waste)

Nigel Wakefield

Posted: 26 May 04 01:12
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Are we talking Weymouth Town, Castle Cove or the Sailing Academy? Please not the latter!


Posted: 26 May 04 02:42
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Weymouth Town please - they keep a lovely pint of Palmers in their bar and they were really welcoming and friendly last weekend. Only problem is parking and launch space!


Posted: 26 May 04 03:33
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Weymouth Town is a great venue but we've been there for the nationals recently and have an open there every year. Let's go somewhere new. Swanage would be good or my personal choice would be St Mawes, opposite Falmouth.


Posted: 26 May 04 11:06
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Answer is Weymouth Town, although remember we went there in 2000 and I am booking venues up to 2010!

Full list of options is:

Weymouth, Looe, Fowey, St Mawes, Porthpean, Swanage, Teignmouth and that lovely Lark haunt Brixham!

Will keep you all posted how I get on.



Posted: 27 May 04 09:00
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Fowey is much worse than Weymouth for parking and launching - unless we take over Yeate Farm campsite across at Bodinnick which has its own boatyard and slipway!


Posted: 27 May 04 06:40
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If we can't go to France for the National's then I reckon Teignmouth as it has great crazy golf and the average age of the locals is 93.


Posted: 28 May 04 03:55
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portpean has great sailing but you are forced to camp and the sailing club is nowhere near any town, nightlife or anything except a few cows. slipway is about 3 miles long and an abolute killer after windy races. nice big waves though so we'd do okay but not really a lark nationals venue.