Bent centreboard

Charlie Hitchen

Posted: 24 May 04 09:54
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I have just bought a lark. Pretty old one I guess though not used much. The centreboard is bent! I guess they all are. I have a spare which is straighter but I'm wondering if there is a lark owners technology to sort out this problem?
Any advice? I had thought of running over the thing in the car but this seems a bit drastic.


Posted: 24 May 04 10:09
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Tried that, doesn't work.

Careful chocking and a hydraulic car ramp produced the beast results for me but others have had success by approaching metal working companies for professional help. Best you are likely to get is an S shape in my experience.

If you find a reliable fix there are many who will be interested.


Posted: 24 May 04 12:32
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If you have access to an engineering student, give it to them to take in to their student workshop. My experience is that the technicians are happy to spend days trying to get it flat to the nearest micron! May cost you a beer though.


Posted: 24 May 04 12:58
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I got one practically straight by capsizing in the opposite direction and righting the boat. Not that scientific but very easily done. I managed it by accident.

Posted: 24 May 04 03:32
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...and when you do finally get it straight it will invariably get bent again in the first blow.