Posted: 22 May 04 02:03
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Does anyone know if there are any organized fleets in the Northeast US?

Mark Ampleford

Posted: 24 May 04 08:37
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I'm pretty sure that the only fleets in the USA are teamracing fleets belonging to colleges. I understand that Bowden, Yale and a couple of others have them. They are rigged with stiffer masts (Kappa) than the C section we use in the UK to take account of the larger size of the average college teamracer in the US. I suspect most other Larks in the US are university cast offs so you are unlikely to find an organised fleet. The sailing coach at Bowden is probably the best person to speak to for more information as he seems pretty Lark freindly and has written articles for our newsletter in the past about US Lark activity. I'm pretty sure some one who keeps their old Lark News could pop the chaps email address up here for you or a teamracer who knows the chap from his annual Wilson Trophy visit may have some contact details.


Posted: 24 May 04 07:42
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The guy I have had contact with is Tom Sitzman who is the graduate coach for Bowdoin College. They have a fleet of 18 Rondars. Try
E-Mail: tsitzman@bowdoin.edu
Office Phone: 207.865.2100
Home Phone: 207.833.0546
Other Phone: 207.751.8027

or the undergraduate contact
Amy Titcomb
Phone: 207.729.4023
E-Mail: atitcomb@bowdoin.edu