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Frensham Training session
Date Posted: 04 Mar 04 09:37
I want to express thanks, both personally, and from all the Larkies at Frensham for the great training session held last Saturday. Everyone seemed to get a lot out of the day, and to stay in the coach boats, relatively immobile, in those temperatures showed enormous dedication. Thanks again Steve, Mark & Chris.
Author: Nick Hurst

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Frensham Training Session
Date Posted: 04 Mar 04 08:06
I'll definitely second that one Nick! It was a great session, and once again all involved got a lot out of the day. Really enjoyed the racing on Sat afternoon and Sunday, just a pity that Steve and I went for the "air conditioned" look to our kite!! But many thanks must go to Steve, Mark and Chris. 
Author: Kate

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