david nickinson

Posted: 18 May 04 04:36
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I own a Baker design Lark, #347, purchased in 1970 in Boston, MA. It still flies and performs beautifully.
A crack in the fiberglass over the "rib" running from the centerboard trunk to the transom has developed. Any repair ideas? Thanks.


Posted: 18 May 04 10:44
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Later boats had a much more substantial spine. Try grinding out the existing one totally and make a new one using 3/8" plywood about 3" deep which sweeps up at the ends to bond in with the rear of the plate case and the transom. Glass over this making sure that you overlap the plate case sufficiently.


Posted: 22 May 04 01:57
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philip cosson

Posted: 23 May 04 07:24
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I have a baker lark, no. 233. I cracked the centerplate casing on Saturday trying to right a capsize.

I'm in too minds what to do. Should I make a repair? or get a replacement hull. A couple of good people on this site are advertising hulls either free or nominal cost. Will the baker centreplate fit in a parker hull??

What should I do?

Any advice gratefully received.