What happened at Barnt Green?


Posted: 17 May 04 12:05
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Well....spill the beans!


Posted: 17 May 04 01:05
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1st Bob and Kelsey
2nd John Billington and crew (sorry can't remember your name)
3rd Steve and Eluned
4th Me and Lee
5th Chris and Ann

Singlehanded: Steve Cumley
Trophy race: Bob and Kelsey

Very little wind in every direction. Very sunny and nice food. Social was quieter this year than normal.

Posted: 17 May 04 02:05
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Posted: 17 May 04 04:14
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Sue who!

Posted: 17 May 04 07:32
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Posted: 18 May 04 10:23
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Everyone at Barnt Green had obviously gone to alot of trouble to give us a good meeting. The food was excellent (as Mark said) and good value, the OD actually postponed starts because boats were still trying to drift to the area, and the prizes were really generous - we got enough wine for a decent headache and we were only fifth!
It was a superb event (and setting) let down only by the wind on Sunday, not exactly the club's fault.
Thanks to everyone that had put in the work, I hope next year will bring a bit more wind and a few more boats.

Posted: 19 May 04 03:41
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Yes it certainly makes an open meeting more appealing when the race officer doesn't constantly attempt to catch the fleet out. I'm hoping the chap from this year continues in his role for future years.


Posted: 25 May 04 09:27
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Not a lot happened
no wind but Bob and Kelsey Suggitt won the open meeting with a race to go
about 15 boats turned up on the saturday but a few more on the sunday