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Posted: 13 May 04 04:52
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With lots of people asking about Larks, could we resuscitate the list on the web site of clubs with Larks and enthusiastic owners so folk know where to go for advice and sailing?
I'll offer Shearwater near Warminster in Wiltshire (coz I'm on the committee!).
Lets have lots more.

Posted: 13 May 04 05:12
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Sounds like a good idea to me, we are always getting questions from newcomers to which the reply is often to visit your local Lark club.

Posted: 13 May 04 06:06
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Posted: 14 May 04 09:20
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Posted: 14 May 04 11:57
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(Northampton Sailing Club)


Posted: 14 May 04 01:31
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We don't have a separate fleet - but there are a few Larks at BCYC - I would be happy to help anyone with queries.

Nick Hurst

Posted: 14 May 04 04:21
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Frensham Pond SC - near Farnham, Surrey.


Posted: 14 May 04 06:27
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Whoops forgot the UK

Bristol Corinthian is

Hugh Rout

Posted: 15 May 04 08:54
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Rollesby Broad Sailing Club has 2 Larks at present. We would love to have more.


Posted: 17 May 04 10:31
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Nr Coleshill, South Birmingham