Reefing a Lark

Tony Hopwood

Posted: 01 Apr 06 06:55
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I've only seen one msg thread about reefing a Lark but it seems to imply that the sail needs modifying (cutting one down or putting eye holes in).

Does this mean the Lark isnt meant to be reefed?

I'd like to know how to reef one if there is a standard method.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Garry Packer

Posted: 01 Apr 06 09:14
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If your boat has an aft mainsheet you can roll the sail around the boom, if you didn't do it on a RYAL2 course ask an instructor at your local club to show you how. However, most Larks have a centre mainsheet and so to reef you need to have reefing points put in your sail (probably cost around 50 - 70). alternatively you can fit a smaller mainsail - mirror, cadet, firefly.

You will notice most racing dinghies are not really designed to be reefed - you use the sail controls to depower until its too windy and at that point you stay in the bar.

Tony Hopwood

Posted: 02 Apr 06 08:09
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Thanks for the info.




Posted: 07 Apr 06 08:16
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We used to reef our Larks when team racing by using Firefly mains. Obviously this does wierd things to boat handling, but it's not as bad as it might be, and saves doing nasty things to your main, and keeps your kicker and centre main working as it should do. I don't know what 2nd hand Firefly mains go for these days, but it may be worth a look.

Nigel Morton

Posted: 22 Apr 06 09:51
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Having just bought a Lark - and having recently done my RYA L2 Course (on a Bosun) I was wondering how to reef her ! I suspected that you can do so by rolling the main around the mast as I was tsught on the Bosun - but do you need a reefing strap/strop - and if so, can they be bought, or just made up ?


Nigel Morton

P.S Further to our correspondence on Hull repair a few weeks ago, I have now got my Lark on the water. The launching trolley is not v good - do you know of anyone selling one in the local (Somerset) area ?