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Rudder stock for Torquay
Date Posted: 10 May 04 01:42
Hi All,

I am hoping to borrow MJ's boat for Torquay but he has just mailed me to say he broke the rudder stock at Rock. The details are:

Mine is about as standard as they get and requires ON THE STOCK - Male at top, female at bottom. Distance between beaing surfaces 190 mm. Ideally a tiller of 65-75 cm between pintle pivot point and extension fastening point. The extension I have is the type where you slide it on sideways and then a top bit clips over the whole thing (most common fitting as far as I know) (clearly tiller length is not a problem if you borrow an extension as well.

Does anyone have a rudder and stock that will fit these measurements? If so could I borrow it for the weekend. Short of that does anyone have a boat I could borrow... :-)


Author: Steve Dunn

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Rudder stock for Torquay
Date Posted: 18 May 04 09:21
think i have an entire fixed rudder with tiller extension that will do the trick if you are very careful. will measure it up tonight and if it's okay i'll take it along.  
Author: mark

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Rudder stock for Torquay
Date Posted: 18 May 04 12:27

Did you get this sorted? If not give me a call on 01249 750540 tonight and I will measure my spare rudder which needs a lot of TLC, but might well do the trick.


Author: Nigel S

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Rudder stock for Torquay
Date Posted: 18 May 04 04:02
Thanks everyone but we are all sorted out now. Ruth is very kindly lending us her whole boat - thanks Ruth.
Looking forward to catching up with everyone at the weekend and getting back in a Lark. 
Author: Rachel

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