moving the mainsheet

Chris T

Posted: 10 May 04 09:27
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I want to move my mainsheet from centre to aft. Is this simply a matter of moving what I've got or do I need anything specific?
Also, does anyone know where I can get a replacement 'kicking key, someone did tell me but I went and lost the website address!, cheers.


Posted: 10 May 04 10:40
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You will need enough purchases because the load will pull you backwards and consequently a lot more rope


Posted: 11 May 04 06:55
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You would just need to rig the system up the same as on an Enterprise. But the big question is why would you want to do it? You will lose a lot of control by going to a rear mainsheet.

For a kicker key, most good chandleries (except those in Bristol ;o) ) may be able to help. Try Purple, Speeds or P&B.



Posted: 12 May 04 09:25
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Having sailed both centre and rear sheeted Larks this weekend I can vouch that there's far more control with a centre main!
I took Lark 168 (rear sheeted) out on Saturday in gusty but good conditions for our Classic and Vintage Regatta and found myself struggling with sheets catching on the transom, sheets dangling in the water, less controlled gybes and miles of rope to haul in at the downwind mark as well as having to face backwards when tacking so not able to watch forward all the time. Only plus was more space around the centre of the boat.

Sunday was back to my 2419 (centre sheeted) and much more control of the main and being able to see where I'm going when tacking.

I learned on a rear sheeted boat and had my old Lark rear sheeted with a traveller on the transom but then converted to centre and am still practising but prefer the control and view of centre sheeting so I recommend just keep practising with centre main.

Chris T

Posted: 12 May 04 12:45
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Thanks for all your advice. All I really wanted to do was create some more space, but given all your comments I think I'll keep it the way it is!!

Thanks all


John Clinch

Posted: 12 May 04 07:50
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I've been pondering this one for the same reason.

My boat has rear sheeting led forwards like a lazer

I reckon, by swapping a couple of blocks, I could easily set up so I could rear sheet for the odd trip out with the whole family.