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Date Posted: 09 May 04 06:58
I have been given a lark, old but sound and i haven't got a clue how everything goes together. I looked on the technical page but the pictures are very confusing.
Can anyone help me by sending any rigging photos?
I would be very grateful
Author: Ben Julian

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Date Posted: 09 May 04 07:08
Me again, helps if i gave you my emaill:
Author: Ben

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Date Posted: 10 May 04 07:54
What club do you sail at as there maybe be someone in the class near enought to help you 

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Date Posted: 10 May 04 01:59
I'm in a similar situation, having just bought an old lark (type parker 1, I think)- if anyone has any photo's could they send them onto me too please.


Jon Wood (JJWood@Qinetiq.com) 
Author: Jon Wood

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Date Posted: 10 May 04 07:13
Photos of systems on 2347 should be available this week. Email me with specific area of boat required. fixtures@larkclass.org 
Author: Ruth

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Date Posted: 12 May 04 07:54
I have myself justbought an older Lark that is very simply set up. The only control led back is the kicking srap. The cunningham is just a bit of rope. Its been raced like this for a few years by the previous owner on a gravel pit. If your in a club loads of people will be able you achieve a set up that will get you on the water, they don't need to be familiar with lark just 3 sail boast with a symetric kite.

The photos on the set up guide will not help a confused novice get on the water. They are of course an excellent guide to anyone who wishes to get the most out of the rig in a wide range of conditions

please say if photos of my lark wil help 
Author: John Clinch Lark 1955

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