Flower pot


Posted: 02 Mar 06 11:23
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I'm impressed that Northampton have edged in front of Waldringfield in the Lark league by registering the flower pot that used to be a lark. Great work!

Chris Fish

Posted: 03 Mar 06 06:02
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Does a flower pot complete the list of the Northampton Larks? I am confident Waldringfield will show it still has the largest (and best!) fleet this year.

Pitsford Lover

Posted: 03 Mar 06 10:27
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Pitsford Kick Ass!!!!, 1st, 2nd, 3rd at NSC Winter Series

Posted: 03 Mar 06 11:38
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Wasn't it a NSC Winter Series? Therefore 99% of the boats competiting were NSC!!


Posted: 05 Mar 06 10:36
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On the other hand, in 2000 Rondar started selling us Larks that were designed to be flowerpots!

Perhaps a little unfair, have sort of got used to it now but that is what I thought when I first saw the new deck.


Posted: 06 Mar 06 04:32
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Which club,in the quest to claim 2nd place in the table, is going to lay claim to the 3 Larks currently being used as flower pots on a roundabout in Rugby?

Gary L

Posted: 06 Mar 06 11:40
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Will let either Draycote or Rugby&Daventry SC fight
that one out, it's just a bit to far to go and water
the flowers from Northampton.
Mind you it's the only mark rounding your guaranteed
of overtaking some Larks!

Posted: 07 Mar 06 03:18
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Does the 2 boatlengths rule still apply?