Fixed Rudders

Posted: 06 Mar 06 08:44
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Just wondering you are the makers of lark fixed rudders, and also is it legal to use rudders from other classes such as fireballs, scorpions, 12's and phantoms.this would help me out cheers,
ps the Lark on the dinghy show stand looked sweet!!


Posted: 07 Mar 06 07:27
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you can have any rudder you like as long as it isn't a hydrofoil. Many people have fireball or albacore rudders. Long and straight is what you want


Posted: 07 Mar 06 12:44
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I'm sure someone will correctly if I'm wrong, but Larks don't suffer the material restrictions of e.g. Fireballs (no carbon)


Posted: 07 Mar 06 03:16
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Correct. Make it from chocolate if you like although you won't win and it may get eaten.


Posted: 08 Mar 06 07:44
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The point I wanted to make was that if you buy a rudder designed for another class make sure it is not over-expensive/weak/un-hydrodynamic due to restrictions imposed by that classes rules.