Posted: 02 Mar 06 07:46
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Not having been to Rock for the Open before, can anyone help with thoughts on accomodation.


Posted: 02 Mar 06 10:23
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John bray rent cottages for the week, generally around 350 for the week and lots of them sleep around 6.

We may have some space in ours if you're up for sharing.


Posted: 02 Mar 06 11:42
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Cheers Katherine, i'll email you directly.


John C

Posted: 02 Mar 06 01:49
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The other option are the bunk rooms in the club itself, can't remember how much they were but it means you don't have far to stubble


Posted: 02 Mar 06 03:48
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I'm having a stubble issue today, i'll stand closer to the razor tomorrow :-)

Thanks for the info, who can i contact re the bunks? Is the chap at the club, Stan i think, the man to chat to?

John C

Posted: 02 Mar 06 04:57
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yep, give Stan a ring and he'll let you know who is looking after the bunk booking.


Posted: 03 Mar 06 06:36
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Rock Sailing Club

Telephone 01208 862709