Spinny Numbers

David Young

Posted: 22 Feb 06 03:52
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I'm in the process of ordering a set of sails for the new season and remember a discussion as to whether we need sail numbers on the spinny. My preference is for NO numbers (so i can sell the sails on at the end of the year), but I'm no fan of DIY so would ask the sail maker to put them on if required. Any thoughts, views or rules before I place the order?

Dave Y


Posted: 22 Feb 06 05:40
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I've taken delivery of my new Speeds with the assumption of no numbers.

bob suggitt

Posted: 23 Feb 06 11:30
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Can anyone( other than a few sailmakers who need excuses to charge more,and badly organised race officers), think of a sensible reason why spinny numbers are necessary. Lots of classes have abandonned them without any problems


Posted: 23 Feb 06 04:52
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That's why I proposed getting rid of them officially. Any OD that tried to use Lark spinny numbers these days would end up in a real mess anyway, better none at all than confusion.

I've never had any problems with no numbers.


Posted: 23 Feb 06 05:10
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Thanks Guys................. Speed sails it is without numbers on the spinny. Just colour choice now!


Posted: 23 Feb 06 06:55
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I didn't want to steal Lark New's thunder, but the results of the ballot we held in December was that the rules have been amended so that it is no longer necessary to have numbers on the kite.

Dougal Scott, Chief Measurer.

Mark Ampleford

Posted: 27 Feb 06 12:54
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so now we can use the space on the spinacker for some kind of amusing message... like "coming through" or "help". or even use it for a message to your crew, "hike harder" etc.

Posted: 27 Feb 06 11:05
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...or 'come back Steve'