fittinh out hell


Posted: 11 Feb 06 04:12
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Ah the joys of fitting out in the cold!

I've just change my rig tension system from one the went from the bottom of the forestay and into the front of the boat to a more conventional down the mast system.

Attaching the luff wire to the inner mounting on the standard HA bow plate the jib seems too close to the deck even with the jib tied as high up the luff wire as poss.

I notice that many of you seem to have some sort of lump all taped up at the front of the boat where the jib joins the bow plate fitting. On Garry's tuning guide he uses an RWO swivel to attach the jib to - is this standard practice?

I don't expect this will be my last post on fitting out....

Posted: 11 Feb 06 09:56
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I should chek the luff wire length, or the sail luff length cuz on my boat i just got a bow fitting that is about 1cm high. Then a shakel which attaches on the jib luff wire - and is fine for me.... sometimes it's just personal choice..!


Posted: 12 Feb 06 09:01
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Thanks, I think the question I am coming around to is could someone please give me their luff wire lengths for a normal jib (i.e. attached to a bow fitting) as I coming to the conclusion that my luff wire is too short.



Posted: 13 Feb 06 09:16
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Depends on your jib Barry, the luff length is the main restricting dimension on a Lark jib so most current sails are cut so that the jib tack is about 4" ish high of the bow and the cloth then sweeps down onto the deck. My experience is that you need to use a rigging link/adjuster or extended shackle on the bow, which as you rightly say, is the bit you see taped on most boats.


Posted: 13 Feb 06 05:44
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I have my (North) jib attached to the bottom of the luff wire with a small shackle and then have another shackle about an inch long attaching that to the bow fitting.

The jib is meant to sit on the deck to a certain extent, just not at the tack and clew (although sometimes the clew will sit on the deck with some cuts on Parkers)


Posted: 13 Feb 06 07:18
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Thanks for the advice.

I've measured by jib luff wire at 363cm and I am going to go for the double rigging links taped together to attach the jib luff wire to the bow fitting.

With the repaired decks, new Speeds and re-fit nearing completion we are so broke that we won't be able to afford to eat and can lose some (lots) weight ready for the bronze fleet at South Staffs!