Posted: 06 Feb 06 07:56
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I looked at a couple of Baker built Larks we use as training rigs at Banbury SC so that i could put them on the register. However, i failed to find the number on the inside transom. Although rule 13 says 'The boat shall bear its registered number at the aft end of the cockpit or inside of the transom in such a way that the number is easily visible and cannot easily be defaced or removed' is there any where else that Baker boats had numbers imprinted or painted?


Posted: 06 Feb 06 09:14
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Same position at our club, one sad old Baker but no apparent number.


Posted: 07 Feb 06 08:01
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The old boats were a bit unpredictable.

Possibilities include inside and outside of transom, rear thwart, and on very old (flat floor) boats, the hog between the board case and the transom.

Many are just dimpled very shallowly (?), make sure it hasn't been painted over.


Posted: 08 Feb 06 07:58
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Cheers Chris,
Most of the inside of these two at Banbury have been covered in non-slip paint. I'll have a ferret around and see what i can scrape off.