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Posted: 04 Feb 06 10:37
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For those with access to Waldringfield winter newsletter, a new Lark sailor was noted to have won the Freezer Series..Not sure whether he's e L.C.O.A. member..needs checking!
He may set new standards beyond our wildest dreams, getting him to run a training event may be cool!(non blasphemous thoughts welcome!)
For those without, here is un-edited copy..

Laser:1st Matt Stearn 2nd Mark Hodge 3rd Richard Woolf
Cadets:1st James Hayward 2nd Adam Owens 3rd Ian Davidson
LARKS: 1st Christ & Cathy Fish
2nd Harry Pynn & Clare Gosling
3rd Steven Videlo & Will Branton

Posted: 06 Feb 06 05:36
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Let us play.