Dinghy Show

Steve Cumley

Posted: 03 Feb 06 05:14
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Dear All

On March 4th and 5th the Lark Class Owners Association have got a stand at the dinghy show. We are keen to recruit volunteers to help man the stand. If you can free up a couple of hours on either the Saturday or Sunday please contact me so that I can start to build a rota.

Simons new boat, Lark 2501 will be on the stand, and I have heard that he has developed some new and exciting systems that will be well worth checking out.

Many Thanks
07980 267962


Posted: 03 Feb 06 05:45
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That'll be 2500 then! Not sure about exciting though...



Posted: 06 Feb 06 05:37
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Spelling mistake mate, he meant EXITING systems.