Ian and Hannah

Posted: 24 Jan 06 03:20
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Now that Eric is up and afloat how do we get him measured...
Also as Larks all come out of the same mould what should we check before hand to ensure that all goes smoothly?

We are on the Medway and Katharine and Alison will need to get lucky pants measured as well!!

Ian and Hannah
Eric the Lark 2441


Posted: 25 Jan 06 04:53
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Standard practice is to wait about five years and then get it done at the Nationals.


Posted: 25 Jan 06 05:39
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The measurements are on the technical pages so you can see what the measurer is looking for. The hull should be ok, just check for any major alterations there may have been over the years. Most larks are ok - it tends to be the buoyancy they fail on!

Posted: 27 Jan 06 12:28
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Ok thanks for that.

Nothing has been changed much from the norm but I havent checked for leaks.

It has no hatches cut into it so are there any other areas I should pay attention to?

Ian and Hannah
Eric the Lark 2441


Posted: 27 Jan 06 05:09
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Get a spare bung, drill a hole in it and glue a piece of tubing through the middle. This will allow you to blow into the tanks down the tube.

Listen carefully (soapy water may also help) and you will amazed where air can leak from!