Lark News - request for articles

Harry Pynn

Posted: 05 May 04 09:09
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By now you should have received your spring issue of Lark News.
The Lark News editorial board are now busy putting together the summer edition, which will go out in advance of the National Champs.

* Is there something you're dying to get off your chest?
* Do you have any amusing stories about past Nationals?
* Would you like to write something about Larks at your club?

Any contributions welcome. Please email with your articles.

Deadline: May 21st.


Posted: 05 May 04 11:09
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Ask Mr Hufton if he will compile an updated tuning sheet for Rondar boats

Harry Pynn

Posted: 05 May 04 01:43
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Nigel's produced some high quality work in the past so I'm tring to spread the load. More suggestions are welcome, but I'm really after volunteers to write the articles.
Maybe there's something you could write Technophile?


Posted: 06 May 04 11:40
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If we have a tuning article for new boats i think it should include tuning tips for old boats maybe Pauly G could help on this, as there are still loads of us trying to make the "Lark Classique" fly, as well as those of you in the (quite frankly) nouveau Mk3!!!

Just a thought