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Date Posted: 04 May 04 09:01
So what was Rock like you lucky lucky lot?

Sunny? Windy? The winners? The losers?

Any duckhams given out??
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Date Posted: 04 May 04 11:41
Emma Harris and Becky Priest took line honours with a hyper consistent series of 1sts and 3rds. Alan Krailing slightly further back. 3rd Rob Larke and Sally Wakefield with a race win. 4th Sarah Richards and Nigel Wakefield. 5th Steve Dunn and Tegwyn Roberts. 6th Harry Pynn and Dave Chisholm.

No snapped rigs. Far too much Pimms. Not enough wind on Sunday and almost too much on Monday. For better gossip ask Rob Larke ..... 
Author: Under Achiever

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Date Posted: 04 May 04 11:46
Rock was great as usual. Sat we had 5 -7 knots and raced in the harbour, Sunday we had slightly less wind but sailed further down the estuary with plenty of sun and on Monday we had sun and 15 - 20 knots.... Perfect!

30 boats turned up so great atmosphere both on and off the water. Jonny Cash came across from padstow to entertain us and jeepers that combined Harvester wasn't half funny.

Emma and Becky dominated with the usual contenders (krailing, Larke, Wakefields showing good form) and it was great to see some different faces up there (to name just a few Martin who was consistently fast, Drew picking up a 2nd place, Pauly G getting a 3rd and Simon Cox finding his form again to start nibbling at the front runners) but I have a plan next year to chop 1 metre off my rudder and centreboard and fit wheels to the bottom of my boat (a bit like the James Bond car) so watch out everybody I might be able to make it over the start line!

Also of note Pete Britten was showing good form in his new ship (2439), a few more events and he really will be up to speed - John Crooks was trying to undo the knitting in his new boat (2313) and Dan in his newly acquired yacht (bought from Emma Stokes Yachting supplies) showed what a difference it makes to be a master of you own boat.

Oh on another note it is filtering out slowly now so just to confirm the theme night for the Nationals is FARMYARD.... might we be seeing a few more combined Harvesters????


PS I hate being back at work!  
Author: Steve Cumley

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Date Posted: 04 May 04 04:25

Well that will sure provide some entertainment - lets hope not too much romping in the hay.... ;-)

Sounds like we missed out on an awsome weekend in rock, welldone to Emma and Becky. 
Author: Old MacDonald

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Date Posted: 06 May 04 08:21
Can we get hold of that combine harvester song for the nationals??!!!! 
Author: Becky

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Date Posted: 07 May 04 08:30
That so has to be possible - Although, getting a DJ to play it could be another challenge altogether.....!! 

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Date Posted: 07 May 04 10:01
Try Gill Young who appeared to know the words to the whole song (and admitted it the day after). Something to do with being a theme for young farmers... 

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Date Posted: 07 May 04 10:09
I've got a combine harvester - tra la la la la or something like that I 'fear' !! 

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