Baffled Lark sailor in need of help

Claire Read

Posted: 28 Apr 04 06:17
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Can anyone offer assistance to a novice Lark sailor who has posted a question of the Dinghy Sailing Magazine forum

If anyone has an internal pic of the set up for a lark we would love to use it in the magazine. If yes, drop me an e-mail to

Thanks for your help, I know you Lark lot are a friendly bunch!


Emma Harris

Posted: 29 Apr 04 07:14
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Hi Claire

Probably the easiest thing to do is for us to take some at Rock this weekend. Do you know how old her boat is and what make it is? Are there any specific areas of the boat she's interested in?



Posted: 29 Apr 04 08:12
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The link to this Dinghy Forum topic is

I had already replied on that forum topic suggesting 'Max' (the profile says based in Southampton) either visit Rock over this weekend or post their location on our site to link up with a local sailor to get advice. I also sent an email saying I was teaching sailing all weekend but if they came up to BCYC (which is about 2 1/2 hours from s'ton) my son would show them how all the bits work/ take them out. Their lark is 1002.

I emailed claire some pictures I had of my boat last night (and the one on the DS stand - can't remember the owner! However, the definition of them all is rather low so may not be any good for publishing and they were originally taken to show how the main and jib were rigged not the spinny.

Dinghy Mag could send a professional photograper to Rock to capture the excitment!!! Failing that if we all take lots of photos we might get a couple that will do and at least that gives us some media coverage and as a by-product Simon will have lots of pictures for the technical pages he's developing.

Will you be in Bristol tonight?


David Bailey

Posted: 29 Apr 04 11:37
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Photos taken through the transom flap give an unusual perspective and yet great photo!


Posted: 29 Apr 04 03:21
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I took some at the dinghy show - they're on their way to you.
Where are you based as there's probably a nearby Larkie who can help?