Posted: 27 Apr 04 03:48
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Has anyone put an order in for sun this year?


Posted: 27 Apr 04 03:49
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What for Rock?


Posted: 27 Apr 04 03:49
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Yes sorry for Rock this weekend looks like we might need to do a rain dance


Posted: 27 Apr 04 10:37
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Always those negative waves, ginge. Hey, it's Rock! It can't be wet two years on the trot. It WILL be sunny, it WILL be warm, it WILL be windy (but not too windy) and it WILL DEFINATELY be fun! Get those positive vibes working.

Chris Ellis

Posted: 30 Apr 04 08:36
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As a watcher of the weather I note the forecast is black clouds over North Cornwall all weekend, starting with heavy rain at 2.30pm Saturday. Tides are all over the place as the moon hasn't been seen for weeks; and to cap it all I hear that the Doom Bar Brewery hasn't been kegging for weeks. Something to do with water quality, as they have had a lot down there recently.

Have a good time in the rain and light winds on Monday(Ribs are ready to tow you back in the light drizzle), while I'm working in bl.... hot sunshine in the Gulf.