Tuning and set-up

Neil Barford

Posted: 26 Apr 04 10:30
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Dear Lark sailors
I am very new to the class, only 2 weeks or so, and have been reading the pages on this site with intrest. However, I note a distinct lack of tuning data that is often found on other class web sites. I have recently bought 2357 a Parker II with ullmans sails. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction with respect to set-up and fundemental measurements etc.

Many thanks in advance.

PS - Sorry for the multiple entry but it sort of happened all by it's self!!

Best Regards

Neil Barford


Posted: 27 Apr 04 07:52
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I have a copy of the tuning sheet that used to be on the website before the host company went into liquidation and also the Hyde guide for the Lark - I can email if you send your email address to me at garry.packer uwe.ac.uk

I'm sure Simon is working hard to update the technical pages. Have you also tried contacting your sailmaker -I know some (unfortunately I bought a new suit from one of them) aren't very helpful but if the're not prepared to help out you don't have to buy from them again as the're plenty of others making Lark sails.



Posted: 27 Apr 04 12:33
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I will be working on the Technical pages over the coming weeks. This will include a standard tuning guide but as you say the best bet is to contact your sailmaker.

The majority of sails in the Lark fleet at the moment are to the old Ullman design which hasn't changed over the last few years. These were built by Hyde Sails who (bought the Ullman Sails UK loft) until last year but have now moved to North Sails. I'm sure that either Hyde's or North's will be very happy to assist with a Lark Tuning Guide.

Even if you're sails aren't to this design this is a good starting point for setting up your boat.