Advanced Training


Posted: 26 Apr 04 04:53
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I'd like to say thanks to everyone involved in organising the training at Bristol especially Mark R who did some great training despite the lack of wind. Thanks to Eluned aswell for a great party/BBQ! I hope another similar training event can be done again.


Posted: 26 Apr 04 06:12
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Thanks Steve for sorting it out and Eluned.

Nigel S

Posted: 26 Apr 04 09:38
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I'd like to echo that great training event. Mark Rushall was fantastic and very relaxed, and coped well in little wind. Big thank you to Steve who sorted it all out. Well done. Nigel

Jonathan Lewis

Posted: 27 Apr 04 10:55
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As a newcomer I would also like to thank everyone for being so friendly and helpful! Thanks also for not laughing too much at my sails!!


Posted: 27 Apr 04 02:54
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They were all too busy laughing at me in a drysuit to notice your sails.

Mark was a true professional, not put off in spite of no wind and several morons doing first aid. Improved my head, my boat and my tacking - and I even lost weight thanks to the drysuit!