Posted: 25 Apr 04 03:14
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Can anyone tell me what lark the handicap would be adjusted to without its spinnaker, Eg less than base rig?
thanks in advance


Posted: 26 Apr 04 10:06
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We had a club handicap of 1092 based on Larks not being able to use spinnakers on the pond. Some other boats also had similar +20 uplifts for that reason, but this season we've scrapped the local handicaps and gone back to Portsmouth and suddenly all the kites are coming out of retirement!
Biggest problem is the short course legs and the race officers' delight in putting a gybe mark right in front of the race control box for their entertainment.


Posted: 05 May 04 09:29
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thanks for info. We have fairly long courses so not a problem there. One of our members has his young son as crew and is unable to fly his kite without difficulty, as we race on the sea its not worth him taking risks so I think 1092 sounds pretty good.