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Steve Dunn - yes another one...

Posted: 22 Apr 04 11:28
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Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone had a boat I could borrow for a couple of events: 22/23 May Torbay, 5/6 June Inlands Draycote and 24/30 July Champs Torquay? Have been sailing a 200 for ages and am a reasonably safe pair of hands at the back. Happy to pick up and drop back or chat over options...

If you have a boat or know of anyone who may be able to help out then please contact me on 07966 694719 or via e-mail at



Rachel Jones

Posted: 22 Apr 04 12:25
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Hooray - I'm going to make it to a Lark event this year. Thanks to a change of plans I've got a free weekend that coincides with a Lark event so I'm going to crew for Steve at the Torquay open. Someone has to remind him how to fly a symmetric kite!
And for those who don't know Steve, I can vouch for the fact that he knows what he's doing in the back of a boat so any boat will be in safe hands.


Posted: 22 Apr 04 01:12
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what do you mean safe hands. last time i saw him his hands were all over you....

Steve Dunn

Posted: 22 Apr 04 01:35
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I have been able to get a loan of a boat for Torbay open. Thanks loads for that.

Still looking for the other events if anyone out there can help.



Posted: 22 Apr 04 02:09
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...and I felt very safe!


Posted: 22 Apr 04 06:34
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I can vouch for him too - even with a shocking hangover, throwing up over the side, he STILL managed to come 2nd at Abersoch! He knows how to point a boat in the right direction....

Chunder monkey

Posted: 22 Apr 04 10:49
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Oooo. All this RS love is making me sick!

Posted: 26 Apr 04 11:27
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I don't think the lark fleet is quite prepared for two Steve Dunn(s). Itís a recipe for disaster