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Booms and poles
Date Posted: 19 Apr 04 08:04
I am after some info on the type of boom and the type and length of pole that the class allows, if these are restricted. Is there any restricion on manufacturer? Also are you allowed to fit a pole uphaul that is adjustable i.e. not just a piece of rope (with the hook half way'ish down in my case) with shock cord attached through the mast?
Author: Stu

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Booms and poles
Date Posted: 19 Apr 04 09:24

The boom needs to be a particular section from Proctors - I forget which one.

The pole is restricted by length, not manufacturer. Most boats have adjustable pole uphauls.

If you email me on dougalscott@usa.net so I have your email address, I will send you a copy of the rules.

Dougal Scott

Chief Measurer 
Author: Dougal

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Booms and poles
Date Posted: 19 Apr 04 01:29
Max length for spinny pole is 5'. 
Author: Mark

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