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Only me!
Date Posted: 16 Apr 04 10:08
Hi All,

Remember me? I'm hoping to be able to pay a flying trip on May Bank Sunday to Rock and was wondering whether the nursery would be around for me to admire the future of the Lark fleet? What time are the starts over the weekend so I don't miss the sailing peeps?

Looking forward to it!

Author: Elly Haines

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Only me!
Date Posted: 16 Apr 04 01:03
Blast from the past or what... Elly I'm sorry 'bout your jib sheets.....

Cu there.

Author: Bloody hell

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Only me!
Date Posted: 16 Apr 04 02:32
Aye up luv!

Hope you are settling into your new House down South and aren't missing the flat cap's & wippets too much.

Are you intending to Sail or Baby sit (there are plenty of babies going!)?

Either way, let me know if you want to sail as Angus needs a crew!

Look forward to seeing you there!

07775 820685 
Author: Pauly G

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Only me!
Date Posted: 16 Apr 04 06:08
Hi babe! Not sure what time the starts are yet, but I will find out in the next week and let everyone know.

Are you staying on Sunday night or is it a fleeting visit?

Author: Ruth

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Flying visit!
Date Posted: 19 Apr 04 11:16
Hi Ruthie et al (who's al?)

Unlikely to be sailing as my tendonitis keeps flaring up (rarely seen in anything shorter than a 40-footer nowadays - dahling!) so I can't hold onto strings too good for any length of time :(

I'll be coming up from Newton Ferrers for the day as I'm on a "meet the parents" trip to the South West with current squeeze Jon Pegg.

Looking forward to seeing all the new faces,

Author: Elly

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