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Crew required for Rock
Date Posted: 16 Apr 04 09:19
Dear All,

I have managed to persuade a very good friend of both mine and yours to sample the Sea, Sun, Sand and Lark Sailing in Rock this May Bank Holiday.

Having organsised his tool's on the living room floor last night, Angus is currently, even as we speak, bimbling on his new ship and fairing it to perfection ready for this infamous May Regatta on the Camel Estuary.

I have promised my God son Freddie, to find his Dad a suitably Fast Crew, so here goes!
If you have not already organised to sail at Rock, but fancy Zooming around the bay leaving the competition in your wake while enjoying the usual Rock Mediterranean May Bank Holiday weather (well ok, except last year, but it can't rain and blow like that again at Rock) please get in touch.


Paul Mobile :- 07775 820685
Author: Paul Gardner (On behalf of Angus)

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Crew required for Rock
Date Posted: 16 Apr 04 12:11

As i'm sailing with Anna at Rock, Neil will be free. He has almost convinced himself to come down anyway. I'll persuade him today and let you know the outcome.

He's somewhat leaner, lighter and fitter than the last time you saw him!

Author: Simon

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