Posted: 15 Apr 04 06:18
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So..... what happened then? sounds like Mark had a good time, but what about the results?

Chris Fish

Posted: 16 Apr 04 07:43
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Dunn won. 22 boats. Tegwyn won too! But neither won a race. Lots of wind, not a lot of wind, what more is there to say? Apologies report a bit delayed but it will appear soon. Promise. CF

Posted: 16 Apr 04 10:46
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Job done (Dunn?) I'd say, most concise report this year by far.

Posted: 16 Apr 04 10:44
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Dunn did it again!
Not only was Tegwyn convinced to come to play for the weekend, but they left with a trophy to boot...and some yummy easter eggs!

They didn't have it all their own way though (didn't win a race) as racing was pretty close all the way through...