Eluned & Ruth

Posted: 04 Apr 04 07:52
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As most of you know, Neptune meets on the last Thursday of each month in Bristol.
This month it just happens to be the day before we go to Rock so we suggest everyone books Friday 30th off work and comes to have a few warm-up beers with us.
It also happens to be Neptune's third birthday so be prepared to have a little hangover on Friday morning!
Queen Trudie Neptune will be deciding the venue nearer the time so watch this space!
There will be a few RS sailors here as well and we think they need a few lessons on how to drink...


Posted: 05 Apr 04 10:19
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Having destroyed both of you at both the lark inlands last year and last weekend the bristol RS contingent are not exactly quaking in their boots. Bring it on.

Pete / Ian / Trudes can I get a bit of support here?


Posted: 06 Apr 04 10:09
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Thats a bit rich coming from girls that spent more time drinking pints of water on Saturday night at the RS Circuit Event then they did alcohol.
Looking forward to the Hayling/Rock warm up; wonder if Mr Cox will be on such good form again?

Steve Dunn

Posted: 07 Apr 04 11:27
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I am bringing my pipe and slippers to Abersoch in oreder to get some preparation for the Lark Champs at Torquay where I have heard a quiet and pleasant week is planned. :-)


Posted: 07 Apr 04 12:46
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I don't know what you boys are talking about. Here is a quote from this weekend's RS200 event report

" a fairly quiet evening followed with no big party. Everyone was knackered from a huge day happy to sit down, sup beer and talk about a great days sailing."

You'd never have that written about a Lark event

Jonathan Lewis

Posted: 07 Apr 04 02:12
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As I now have a foot in each boat, so to speak, I am sure that both fleets drink equal amounts of alcohol and dance the night away with equal vigour.However, the 200's did thrash the larks at the frensham frenzy!!! An inland lake where traditional kites should have been moer prefarable.


Posted: 07 Apr 04 06:21
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Ruth, how many times exactly did you get up in the early hours of sunday morning to be sick?? twice??

"i'm never going to drink larger,rum and smirnoff ice again - i must be getting old - do we have to go sailing?"


Posted: 07 Apr 04 06:32
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Now I don't recall saying 'do we have to go sailing?' and seem to remember making it for the first race no problem! As Dougal knows very well (to his detriment at times), I have sailed with much more alcohol in my system than I had time to drink on Saturday night (but then drinking with Coxy, Chatten and Dan does that to you!)

And whats this about water, Ugs - you were feeding me rum and coke as usual!!

Don't catch the majority of the lark fleet abandoning a saturday night social and weren't the lark girls the first on the dancefloor....?


Posted: 07 Apr 04 10:05
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That section of the report was copied from the 2003 Lark Nationals report where a number of evenings were quiet because everyone was tired from doing two races in strong winds
Don - how did you know Ruth was being sick during the night?


Posted: 08 Apr 04 08:04
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I find it somewhat worrying Eluned that you've never had a "great days sailing" at a lark event.


Posted: 08 Apr 04 09:17
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2003 Lark Nationals quiet?!? Was I at a different nationals to everyone else then? Ugs - you're just jealous that you weren't there to witness the Lark Netball Team on School Disco night...

Jonathan Lewis

Posted: 08 Apr 04 11:00
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Good point, well presented. How many times did you chunder????


Posted: 08 Apr 04 11:07
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just wait 'till Mr.Lewis starts buying "special" drinks at Lark events - sherry anyone??!